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Updated 12 February 2020

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Lecture Notes and Links

Speakers sometimes provide notes on their talk which are often useful to those unable to attend the lecture. These are all PDF files .

Is Democracy an Illusion? From July 2013

What is education for? Transformation, empowerment or "employability"? From March 2015

Transhumanism from April 2015

Denigrating Reason. From June 2015

Institute of Art and Ideas referenced in January 2017

Music festival in Hay-on-Wye referenced in January 2017

After the End of Truth and After Relativism' referenced in January 2017

'The Arrogance of humanism' referenced in December 2017

Nineteenth Century philosophy in Germany and Britain referenced in March 2018

Does illness have a meaning referenced in July 2018

Core Imagination referenced in March 2019