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NEXT MEETING ON-LINE VIA ZOOM at 7:30pm on 17th November 2020

Death, the perennial cure for all diseases, has long been a subject of deep fascination for many of us. We're in good company as it's probably the root of all philosophy. Our relationship with death, how we reflect or refuse to reflect upon it, seems key to understanding many puzzles about our species.

 In some ways the under-sense, the sense of an underworld, has been a lifelong obsession for me. As a child the realisation that people die, and also that they could be 'mad', struck me as revelatory, mysterious and horrific, as in all likelihood it is for all of us. Unsatisfying answers to Sunday school questions about the nature of the soul confirmed and sealed my fate. These discomforting facts of life opened up a scent trail of questions regarding the nature of being, society and ultimate meaning which I've been following with my intuitive nose ever since. No final answers are possible of course.

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