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Updated 12 August 2018

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BBC Radio 4: The Philosopher’s Arms

 All episodes also on BBC Archive here


BBC Radio 4: British Liberalism: The Grand Tour

All available episodes are here

BBC Radio 4: Malmesbury: The Philosophy Town

BBC Radio 4: Reith Lectures BBC Radio 4: 'Mistaken Identities' by Prof. Kwame Anthony Appiah  

BBC Radio 4: The Global Philosopher with Michael Sandel

Sixty people from thirty countries join Michael Sandel in a digital studio at Harvard to discuss the philosophical issues


BBC Radio 4  The Ideas that Make Us with Bettany Hughes

Bettany Hughes reveals the history of the most influential ideas in the story of civilisation.

BBC Radio 4 Plato’s Republic

 Melvyn Bragg and guests from the University of Sheffield, King's College London and the University of Cambridge discuss the central question of Plato's Republic