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Updated  11 March 2018

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Meetings in 2018

16 January

John Clarke on Karl Marx, Alive or Dead? A Philosophical Investigation

This talk will focus, not on the later Marx of Das Kapital, but on the early philosophical writings of Marx, influenced by Kant, Romanticism and Hegelian Idealism, and with close support from his wife Jenny and his friend Friedrich Engels. These writings, many of which were only rediscovered long after his death, were a powerful protest against humanity's sense of alienation and the loss of inner as well as external freedom, and against the systemic dehumanisation of the working conditions of his time. The talk will also speculate about the relevance of the early Marx to our own time where the question of our humanity and its future is once again a spectre haunting us.

20 February 2018

Dr Vanessa Dodd

Despite the burgeoning interest in consciousness studies across several disciplines, the overall picture, dominated by scientifically orientated approaches, is largely sceptical as to whether we can really know what another human consciousness is like, whether subjective, private experience can be captured objectively, and whether one person's conscious experience can make itself known to another. In her talk Vanessa will build on the theatre-as-mind analogy (originally suggested by David Hume), as well as on insights from psychological introspection, to raise questions about whether and how we can have access to the minds of other persons.

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